1. Complete Home Remodel
  2. Room additions
  3. Mother-in law suites
  4. Kitchen Remodel / Modification
  5. Entry and doorway widening

Accessibility Solutions

 Home Accessibility Construction and Medical Equipment Solutions in Jacksonville

You need to be able to get around and access all parts of your home easily.​

Universal Design Solutions is committed to helping our customers achieve their dream of staying in their home and living a relaxed and secure life. Part of this commitment is offering the durable medical equipment needed for various aspects of home care, transfer and mobility. These items can assist with making daily activities throughout your home easier.

Learn more about UNIVERSAL DESIGN Features in Housing (North Carolina State University College of Design)

Universal Design Solutions offers ADA compliance assistance and services for commercial property owners and managers. Learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Why Universal Design Solutions

We believe you should feel safe and comfortable in your own home. For the aging population and those with physical disabilities, this is not always possible. That is where the certified and experienced team at UDS can be of great assistance.

We offer a full line of home medical equipment solutions to help you move about your home with ease and assist you in daily activities. Learn more about the products and supplies we offer. Give us call today to discuss your needs!